Link-Building 2020 : Play it by the Book

When we speak of SEO, what is the most important element in the process? The exercise of link-building, what else. Link-building is the sophisticated means to drive the traffic into a webpage. A webpage rich with dynamic and organic links is favored by search engines. In SEO, link means hyperlink. When we click on a text which is linked to another text on another page, the text can be called hypertext and it can be said that the text is also hyperlinked. So one’s webpage should have contents that have high link-building potentials. In other words, those who use other webpages should click on the texts which drive them to your webpage. This exercise is called the link-building.

For example, for the definition of a new category or a term in the webpage of a hospital, people rely on Wikipedia. When someone wants to know what orthodontics is on the webpage of a hospital, they click on hyperlinked orthodontics which usually leads the user to Wikipedia. What makes Wikipedia the first among the search lists of Google? Because, inter alia, Wikipedia has link-building potentials, i.e; it drives hyperlinks on other pages to its site.

What makes Wikipedia different from other webpages which define categories and terms? The simplicity of the language, definition of each word at the minute level, various hypertexts that drive the links to nowhere, but to Wikipedia itself. However, we can see that the reference section of Wikipedia has so many URLs and hypertexts which help the reader assess the veracity of the content. Though there is no gatekeeper to edit the content on a Wiki page, the requirements and criteria to upload and edit content as well as to list a new profile are stringent. One cannot use the Wiki page to publicize a person or a company. One should give authenticating references to each piece of information. And that is a good model to work on the content of your page. Never loosen the editorial grip on the quality of the content, never copy and paste, never minimally rewrite, never publicize. Be original, as far as the content is concerned.

There are two kinds of link-building: White-hat link building and black-hat link-building. White-hat link building is an array of techniques favored by the Webmaster guidelines of Google and Bing. A webpage that employs white-hat link-building tactics never runs the risk of being delisted by search engines as per webmaster protocols. What are the white-hat tactics: Quality and original content, keeping an involved and interactive community that visits your webpage and share them, promoting the website to genuine people who will solicit links to your webpage.

What then are black-hat link-building tactics? Black-hat is a term used to refer to hackers. There are certain crooked strategies often employed by hackers with which one can manipulate links and attention of search meninges. Some of these techniques are hiding texts on the page which would catch the attention of search engines, inserting hidden links on a webpage, etc.

SEO is not a crooked way. It is a patient, time-bound tactics. And healthy, white-hat exercise. Above all, it is to play it by the book. You can learn all types of link building techniques by enrolling in digital marketing course from organic Digi school 


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