Digital Marketing: Over and Above Billboards

Those huge billboards we spot while traveling from one end to another are no longer our priority. They are fast disappearing for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are not eco-friendly. While governments the world over are thanking of banning plastics and other green-hostile products, there is no use flexing your business muscles through flux boards. Secondly, it is rare these days that people veer their gaze away from the screen of their smartphones onto whatever happens outside the window of their train and bus, especially on the sky-high ads atop apartments. Thirdly, people are not so widely haunted by-products on display. For example, a billboard displays the ad of a smartphone. That image reappears in the dream and reverie of someone for quite some time, till, as if a sleepwalker follows a ghost, s/he goes to a store in search of it. This kind of marketing is not having a field day. What happens instead is a pop-up menu which someone takes note of while reading a newsfeed in the phone. This image would reappear again and again in someone’s mind and the next time, s/he needs a product, s/he opts for what they saw on the screen.

Digital marketing is fast changing the landscape of advertisement. Innovation, strategic up-gradation, finding the right keyword for the product to market it is defining our priorities. What a billboard cannot do can be done by the placement of a product in the Google Ads or the appearance of the company URL on the first Google search results. You need not a master ad writer or a design wizard to do the tricks to make the sites and texts have an appealing display. There are apps that do the task of rewriting texts and doing photo editing tasks fairly quickly.

Next time, before thinking of placing a huge billboard for a whopping rent, think of these questions quite earnestly: What is the social media saturation of your company? What is the look and feel of your website? If someone looks out on the Internet for a product that you make, does your product turn up in their search results? Answers to these questions and to come up with a positive response motivated by them will a lot more than what a billboard does

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