Different Types of Search Intent

Different Types of Search Intent

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Types of Search Intent

•  User just need to get somewhere

Sometimes users simply need to get some place. Both on the web and, all things considered. on the other hand they are searching for a location of a true spot . They need to travel the spot so users searching on google maps then travel with the help of google.

•  User might be to get information

The users intent is to get an answer, maybe read/watch information’s they are not here to buy anything.

•  User might be ready for a transaction

The user intends to buy something. So in searching they are use some words like “buy”, “price”, “cheap”. 

•  User might be doing commercial research

Commercial Research is a mix of information and transaction. The user is not ready to buy the product , but they want to know information about certain  products/services. After the research user will decided to get the products/services or not.

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