15 Most Important SEO Tips 2020

15 Most Important SEO Tips 2020

important tips for seo 2020

Here is a Summary of the Most Important SEO Tips in 2020:
1.Optimize your page titles(50 to 60 char) and meta description(140 to 150 char)
2.Create SEO(User) friendly URLS
3.Add a breadcrumb menu to your internal pages
4.Add internal links(hyperlink) to your content
5.Use headings(h1 to h6) and formatting options to make your pages easier to read
6.Customize your 404 page(Page not found)
7.Optimize your images(Add Alt txt)
8.Improve your page speed(Min 4sec)
9.Get backlinks from other websites(Off Page)
10.Make sure that your website is mobile friendly
11.Create an XML and User sitemap
12.Improve the quality of your content
13.Add fresh content in your website
14.Check any broken links appear into your site
15.Use Google webmaster and analytics tools

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